Lecture: Planning Urban Mobility

In this lecture, current mobility planning trends, hot urban topics like Süku and temporary bike lanes as well the evolving role of landscape architects in urban mobility planning will be explored together with mobility expert Aksel Part.

Contemporary mobility planning theories and practical experience from cities around the world highlight the need for a more nuanced and interdisciplinary approach to urban mobility planning than traditionally has been the case. More specifically, the competencies of landscape architects, urban designers and communications experts are becoming increasingly relevant next to more data driven mobility experts and traffic engineers. To this end, this lecture will offer a brief introduction to current mobility planning trends with the focus on defining the specific gaps open to landscape architects and urban designers.

Aside from this focus, the lecture aims to offer something for everyone, be it basic tenets of mobility planning, complex theoretical approaches or case studies of latest mobility trends. Among the latter, best practices of bicycle infrastructure, circulation plans, 30 km/h speed limits, 15 minute cities and multimodal mobility solutions will be discussed.

The lecture will be held in English. We will meet in Big Blue Button platform. Link to the lecture: https://videosild.emu.ee/b/kaj-aj4-4yc?fbclid=IwAR1XeFokX_HorRAef9_d3WkAf21cwG2FLJYtx9h86NW86lrhkXRZXSzknO
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