What is the most beautiful landscape you have ever seen? Surely everyone has an answer for this, and a good one as well. But there are some people who can also explain “Why?”. They are called landscape architects.

Yes, we would be happy to just show you the finest landscapes of Estonia and part of Finland. And yes, you would say you loved them. And everything would be nice and dandy, politically correct and polite.

But understanding what is beneath the surface needs harsh judgment, which is often necessary for progress. In order to make an omelette, you have to crack a few eggs. That is why we want you to critically take it apart: what elements are needed to have the finest landscapes?

ELASA annual meeting 2019 will be a quest to map out the threads holding together the fabric of landscape by using the tools and knowledge every landscape architect worth his or her salt should know by heart. We will go beyond finest - deep inside the forest of contrasts, patterns, culture, beauty, etc only to come out with more skill, wisdom, and courage, ready to look your client as a landscape architect straight in the eye and say “Everything will be fine*.”

* Fine - of very high quality; very good of its kind. - Adjective, Oxford Dictionary