What is the EMÜ campus project?

The campus project began in the fall of 2023 with the idea of making the university campus more attractive and inviting for students from each institute. The project is part of the April/landscape architecture month program of 2024 organized by EMÜS.

Why was the EEC campus project created?

The school's territory is in a very poor condition. A lot of empty space that sits unused. In order to increase the presence of students in our campus, we need to make it a pleasant place where people want to spend time. In nice weather, between classes and after class, it would be great to study, have lunch or be with friends in the fresh air.

The importance of the problem between the students and staff of our school was also revealed in the campus project questionnaire. People care about the environment around them and they wanted a change in our town. It is an environment that we are all obliged to use on a daily basis, but whose functions and appearance leave much to be desired.

At the moment, we see that the school does not contribute enough to the campus public space, which is why we would like to do it ourselves. At the moment, we can rely on the survey conducted last year, our own knowledge, and the knowledge we learned at school.

Vision - Tactical urbanism

Tactical urbanism includes initiatives designed to significantly renew the urban space, promoting the interests of the neighborhood or community and trying to create added value to public services. Such spatial interventions have been implemented a lot in the world. Based on various examples, it is possible to select and implement in our town exactly those solutions that are best suited here.

  • result of engagement processes;
  • focuses on small-scale, practical and quick initiatives; 
  • low construction costs; reuse of existing structures and spaces; 
  • reflects the values and interests of the local community.


These are initial solutions that are not final.

Revival of the outdoor area of the technical house

Part between buildings
  • Creation of an opportunity to relax and spend leisure time in the form of sitting and a bench table 

Front of the building 
  • Opportunity to spend leisure time at the main entrance in the form of movable benches and other furniture

At Tehnikamaja, we cooperate with the EMÜ development manager, who supports the campus project

Revitalizing the outdoor area of Zoomedik

Rest areas
  • Sitting platforms
  • Possibilities for eating outside in the form of creating chairs and tables
  • Landscaping in the form of climbing plants, bushes and trees

Active possibilities: table tennis

At Zoomedikum, we cooperate with veterinarians whose department supports the campus project

Revitalizing the outdoor area of the shared housing

Creating active leisure opportunities
  • Reusing greenhouse structures and glass
  • Barbecue area

Creating passive activities
  • A quieter and more secluded place in the form of hammocks between trees
  • Garden of the sensesSeating platform

We cooperate with Rohemu Campus in the shared housing, which supports the implementation of the project

How far have we come?

At the moment, we have placed holiday houses and greenhouses around the dormitories, which we are going to tidy up and create value for them. The project is in full swing, and this spring we will take the first steps to make our university campus more student-friendly and lively. Small changes add up to big things, and soon all of us in town will have more opportunities to relax, meet friends and enjoy the outdoor space around us on a sunny day.